Iuzzolini Company

Iuzzolini Pasquale srl

Iuzzolini Pasquale srl is the result of over forty years of experience in the agricultural sector. The passion and professionalism of the staff have contributed to the continuous growth of the company.

Today, as in the past, the company is ready to take up the challenge of an increasingly competitive market, with a range of cutting-edge products at remarkably competitive prices.

The company owns numerous funds on which it carries out agricultural activities, experimenting with new products and techniques for agriculture.

Iuzzolini Pasquale s.r.l., also raises in the wild and semi-wild Podolica Calabrian cattle and Martina Franca donkeys

In our stores you will find our staff ready to recommend the best products to meet your needs.

Wholesale and retail trade of agricultural products:

cereals, feed, fertilisers, soil, seeds, vegetable seedlings, fruit plants, garden plants and trees, pesticides, products for oenology, products and tools for vegetable and garden.

Specialized in supplies for viticulture and fruit growing.

Assistance and consultancy for any problem relating to agriculture and livestock thanks to highly qualified personnel.

Retail sale of feed, food and accessories for pets.

Dog toilet: self-service dog wash, where anyone can easily wash their dog any day of the week.